'Mushrooms' collagraph print from tile cement plate using mushrooms

Tile Cement Printing Plates

Welcome to the world of Tile Cement, a.k.a. Tile Adhesive.

A big tub of Tile Cement

A big tub of Tile Cement

This wonderfully versatile material is great for a whole range of plate making techniques.

It is a an essential foundation material for any printmaker who makes Continue reading

Cat on the beach

Printed Postcards from Bridlington

People of all ages joined in with this community project to make printed postcards from Bridlington. It was part of the Artwaves festival, the idea being to bring people together and celebrate Bridlington and East Yorkshire.

The ‘Wolds Wonders’ started it off. This lively theatre group Continue reading

Crackle texture collagraph print

Create crackle texture collagraph plates

If you like textures in printmaking you will love crackle texture. You will have seen this effect on Japanese ceramics and old paintings, it is often used to give the impression of age on painted furniture and ‘vintage’ ornaments.

Crackle texture suggests many associations….

Collagraph print with crackle texture

Collagraph print with crackle texture

Drought, desert, geological formations, rock forms, ageing, the effects of time and heat…. Continue reading