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Make a simple registration sheet

Do your prints often come out crooked on the (expensive) printing paper? If you are just guessing its straight, and hoping for the best, then this post is for you. You can end hit or miss registration forever with this handy method, and as a bonus it will also help you to keep your press bed clean so your printshave a neat white border all round.

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Printing collagraphs on textiles

A different approach to fabric printing
Traditional fabric printing is usually a relief process (think potato prints or block prints) or else it is screen printed. For collagraphs we will be using intaglio and relief methods combined to produce complex detailed and textured prints.

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Cast Latex Printing Plates

This is the best thing I have found so far for taking impressions of textures from 3d objects and then printing them directly. Latex picks up precise fine details, moulds round contoured shapes and stretches out flat. The thin rubber plate takes intaglio and relief ink and you can print it with or without a press.

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Print a Vinyl Record

Vinyl records are great ready made printing plates; thin and flat they’ll go through a printing press under pressure.
The variety of smooth and ridged areas on the surface hold ink in different ways, and you often get lettering in the mix as well.

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