experiment with printmaking; dressed for plaster printing

dressed for plaster printing

I have made this site for anyone who wants to experiment with printmaking as a way of developing creatively. I want to inspire you to extend your own exploration of the world, and to help you keep going when you feel stuck with your creative work.

The blog will develop an expanding resource of print based activities that inspire you to experiment with printmaking and spark your curiosity. You will also find activities you can use with groups of all abilities.

I love a challenge – my favourite questions that send a tingle up my spine are ‘how could I print that?’ and ‘what if I tried …..? often leading me to try the ‘impossible’, like printing from cobwebs


An open minded curious attitude is something I encourage on my courses, and the activities here will help you to break the rules and experiment with confidence too.

A creative resource for you

All the information here has been amassed over several decades of experimenting, teaching and running community projects. In the winter of 2017-18 I found myself stuck indoors for several months, convalescing after an operation. Looking at the four walls and the rain and snow outside I decided it was a good time to get my printmaking and projects in order and share them with other people.

I hope this will be your starting point for many more creative experiments

Here is a short video of me in the studio making a collagraph print

  • It shows preparing the paper for printing by soaking and stacking it
  • Inking up the collagraph plate as intaglio, the ink is left in the scratches and grooves and wiped off the top surfaces
  • Rolling ink over the plate to put different colours on the top surfaces
  • Running the print through the press

collagraph plate made from computer parts

collagraph plate made from computer parts

The film is quite speedy! I will be explaining more details of these processes in the blog

Get in touch

Please let me know if there are any aspects of printmaking that confuse or confound you, suggestions for new articles or just a thought about the site; your comments are always welcome. I will incorporate any new information and update things as we go along.

If you experiment with printmaking you can share the results on instagram – just add  #thecuriousprintmaker

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