rust print and plate

Rust printing on paper; first steps

I’ve wanted to have a go at rust printing for ages – I love the colour of rust, especially the sort you get on iron by the sea, which seems to have the best rich bright orange colour.

A big element of my work involves combining natural processes with printmaking, it is fun to play with random and accidental effects and then work on understanding the process so you can influence it. I don’t want complete control it but like the idea of working with nature to create prints that are a synthesis of the artists’ vision and nature’s processes.

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plasticine block print from a strawberry leaf

Plasticine Block Printing

In this post you will discover how to make beautiful detailed printing blocks from plasticine. It is quick and simple and has lots of potential for experimentation with textures and pattern making. The technique we are using here involves pressing textures into the flat surface of soft plasticine to create unique printing blocks.

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two leaf prints from a yoga mat

Yoga Mat Printing part 2

More ideas for yoga mat printing

If you started with ‘yoga mat printing part 1‘ you will have the basics, but there is so much more you can print with a yoga mat and some acrylic paint!

This post has suggestions for more things to try – I am sure it won’t take long for you to discover your own things too.

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A yoga mat string print

Yoga Mat Printing Part 1

If you are stuck at home in need of some interesting creative activity, yoga mat printing could be just the thing. It is an absorbing activity for kids of all ages.

Yoga mat printing part 1; the basic idea

This post introduces you to the basic idea of printing from a yoga mat and you will discover the surprising effects you can get with no printing press and simple materials. 

Yoga Mat Printing Part 2 gives you more ideas for things you can do once you have the basic idea.

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