vinyl record with print

Print a Vinyl Record

Why would you want to print a vinyl record? Just for fun really, and because you can! His Masters Voice, the iconic label Vinyl records are great ready made printing plates; thin and flat they’ll go through a printing press under pressure. The variety of smooth and ridged areas on … Continue reading
Enviromesh after printing

Enviromesh mono prints

What is Enviromesh? If you grow cabbages you will probably be familiar with Enviromesh. It is that springy clear plastic mesh made to keep the butterflies from laying eggs on your precious brassicas. It is a very effective protection, although they usually find their way in round the … Continue reading
Print from a tyre float

Roller Printing

Roller printing is a very easy activity, but one that is absorbing and encourages you to explore and appreciate your environment in new ways. It is a good method of ‘warming up’ if you are feeling a bit lacking in inspiration – 20 minutes of roller printing will certainly lift your … Continue reading
A two-storey concertina book with scraper board etchings

Scraper board etchings

Would you like a quick, cheap, simple and eco friendly way to make etching plates? Who wouldn’t! Scraper board etchings could be just the thing you are looking for to perk up your printmaking life. Preparing traditional etching plates is quite involved, uses specialist materials and takes … Continue reading
wave like string print

Dynamic String Prints

String prints enable you to create delicate organic forms with simple materials, these beautiful elegant mono prints will delight and surprise you time after time. This is one of those magic techniques that can absorb you for hours, the ‘just one more’ syndrome means it is hard to … Continue reading