How to find your way around a blog

Help for blog beginners

I know some visitors are not familiar with navigating a blog, if you need help getting started here is a brief guide so you can find the information you are interested in:

  • Posts: are like articles on a particular subject. You will see a picture and the beginning of the text. Click on the blue title or ‘read more’ to see the whole post.
  • Comment: Click on the blue title of the post to see the whole article, the comment form is at the end, please leave a comment if you would like to.
  • Categories: There are several categories shown in the menu at the top or the panel at the side. Categories are rather like chapters in a book. You can click on any of these to see all the posts in each category.
  • Tags are like an index – a more detailed way of searching for information. Click on a word in the ‘cloud’ of text to see posts mentioning that particular subject.
  • Archives: You can read posts in chronological order if you want; click on ‘archives’ to see all previous posts. It makes more sense to read in categories though as on this site the date of publication is not so relevant.
  • Follow: If you subscribe to my blog you will get an email each month to let you know about new posts, workshops and exhibitions. 
  • Any questions? Please use the contact form to get in touch.
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