Original prints

I use a variety of techniques,  usually deciding what I want to convey, then choosing a printing technique to fit. Sometimes it works the other way round, and an experiment for the blog sets off a chain of ideas leading to a new print. Original prints are created by hand in my studio in small editions of up to ten.

There are several recurring themes which I circle around: 

Prehistoric cultures
I am interested in the combination of mystery and familiarity found in prehistoric art. The prints aim to create a bridge and explore the sense of what we may have lost in the last 2000 years.

The natural world
Patterns of change, growth and decay fascinate me. I frequently create prints directly from found objects, using casting and moulding to make plates or actually inking up source material to reveal the surface texture as well as structures within.

Places visited
These prints are from sketches and photos made on site, sometimes I make plates in situ as well. I aim to capture the atmosphere and a specific sense of place.

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