Short Printmaking Courses

making a layered plate
making a layered plate

Here are dates and information about the short printmaking courses running in my studio near York, (YO23 3TG) during 2020.
Courses start at 10.00 and finish at 4.00, and cost £80 per day.
Download a course programme.

A Creative Approach

students print with chine Collee
students print with chine collee

All the courses aim to free up thinking and technique, encouraging an inquisitive experimental approach that can feed back into your own creative work, whatever that may be. Courses are designed to provide valuable creative time for your own enjoyment and development, balanced by more formal learning of practical skills and useful tips. The atmosphere is friendly and informal, encouraging people to share ideas and learn from each other, with a maximum of 4 students to ensure everyone has space and time for 1-1 tuition.
All the courses, apart from ‘Extending collagraphs’, are suitable for both beginners and those with some experience. 

“What does the course fee include?”

students print with carborundum
students print with carborundum

The fee includes unlimited paper, ink, drinks and biscuits as well as illustrated course hand-outs. You can see back-up info and videos on the curious printmaker blog.  All materials and equipment, including two etching presses, and specialist large rollers are provided.
Everyone makes several plates and a mini portfolio of about 10 – 15 completed prints to take home. 
No prior preparation or homework is needed – the only thing you need to remember to bring is a packed lunch!

“How do I book on a printmaking course?”

group printmaking
group printmaking

First email me to check with me that there are spaces and ask any questions you need to. I will send you a booking form for you to return with the full course fee.

Extra course dates

A print from a feather
A print from a feather

If you can’t make any of the programmed dates, just gather a group of 3 or 4 people together and we can fix a date that suits. Choose from any of the advertised courses or we can devise one especially for your particular group.


Using fire to make plates
Using fire to make plates

If for any reason you can’t attend the course let me know up to one month before and the full fee minus 10% to cover admin, will be returned.
If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the course there is no refund, however your fee can be put towards the cost of another course, either this year or next. Alternatively, if you have creative friends you could find someone else to take your place.
If for any reason I need to cancel a course will I give a full refund or re-arrange a new date to suit. 

Short printmaking course dates 2020

Date 2020 COURSE
Thur 16th
Viscosity mono-printing
Viscosity printing appears to be magic, but you will also learn the science behind it. Mono printing enables you to make a series of one off prints which can be as spontaneous or as planned as you wish.
We will mix inks to varying viscosities, and experiment with colour layering and resists as well as offset printing. 
This course is now fully booked but let me know if you are interested in it and I may be able to arrange a second date.
Mon 20th and
Tue 21st April
Collagraph Foundation
Whether you are a new to this technique or have already discovered it, the course will give you lots of ideas and confidence to experiment with a wide range of materials. We will cover the basic collagraph techniques of masking, building up layers and cutting through, as well as discovering commonplace materials that produce different tones and textures
On day 1 you will learn the technical aspects of constructing successful plates, from the underlying substrate through the most suitable glues, pastes and sealants.
The second day is devoted to inking up and printing your plates in different ways. 
This course is now fully booked, however the other two day courses listed will cover much of the same ground, please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss which course will be best for you.
Wed 27th and
Thu 28th May
Design a printing plate with layers
Understand working with layers to design, build and print collagraph plates. Layering helps to structure your design, and combine different textures effectively.
Make a complete plate using layering or keep the layers separate to give extra scope for experimenting with colour. 
Tue 9th
Just printing
Once you have made your plate you are only half way there. The way you ink it up can produce a very varied range of prints; sometimes it is hard to believe they all came from a single plate. During the day we will explore different ways of inking and printing a plate; using and combining colour, intaglio with relief, over printing and collaging elements into the print.  Bring your own plate and/or make a new one on the day.
Thur 11th
Mono printing from nature
Mono printing is direct and immediate, each print is unique and you will make quite a few on this one-day course. Using moss, seaweed, leaves, feathers, seeds and grasses, this is a lovely course for gardeners and naturalists as well as printmakers.
This particular technique enables you to reproduce intricate details very clearly, as well as experiment with colour combinations and design.
Mon 6th and
Tue 7th July
Creating plates with light and dark
One of the key elements to successful prints is a good balance of light and dark. On this course we will look at ways to make sure your collagraph prints have a dynamic range of tone, using light and shadow to create depth and interest.
You will explore ways of building this into your plates by selecting materials, managing textures and experimenting with finishes that hold ink in different ways. 
Thur 9th and
Fri 10th July
Discover the potential of Chine Collee
This collaging technique enables you to add photos, text, extra colour and images to your prints. We will create our own colourful ‘chine collee’ papers with paint and print, as well as using pre printed material.
All our plates will be designed with chine collee in mind, providing you with a fresh starting point, and encouraging you to explore different approaches and themes.
Mon 20th Tue 21st and
Wed 22nd July
Extending collagraphs, three day retreat
New this year, in response to requests from students who felt two days just wasn’t enough.A longer version of the popular ‘extending collagraphs’ course, and suitable for people with some experience of collagraph printmaking. The course allows you to immerse yourself in experimental printmaking and temporarily forget the rest of the world.
Mornings are structured activities and techniques, the programme developed in response to student’s wishes and requests. Afternoons are spent in self-directed working with plenty of support and time for one to one tuition. 
As with all the courses everybody is encouraged to contribute to the group process, sharing ideas and techniques.
Camping or simple accommodation is available on site if needed, please get in touch to discuss this.
Sat 1st and Sun 2nd August
Carborundum and grit
Carborundum powder and wet and dry paper are materials that hold a lot of ink due to their gritty texture. We will use this property to create multiple plates and over print them to produce rich painterly images with overlapping layers of colour.
Tue 4th
Just printing
A repeat of the course on 9th June.
Thur 6th
Viscosity printing from textured plates
A fascinating process using layers of different coloured inks, which don’t mix on the plate, enabling you to print multiple colours in one go.
We will make plates designed with different levels and textures specifically for viscosity printing, and then ink it up and print with different colour combinations.
Mon 17th and
Tue 18th
Printing for Pyromaniacs
You can make collagraph plates from all sorts of materials, and many of them become even more interesting when you add fire to the process.
Transform your old plates by scorching them; make new plates and experiment with melting them. We will be using candles, heat guns and blow-torches to transform familiar materials into something surprising…
Thur 20th and
Fri 21st
Using Metallic leaf and foil in your prints
Incorporating metallic ink, paste, leaf and powder to add depth, light and movement to your prints. This is an experimental course that will enlarge your printmaking repertoire and bring a bit of glamour to your printmaking!
We will experiment with mica, graphite and metal powders. Have a go at gilding with gold leaf, as well as using toner foil directly on to your prints.
Thur 10th and
Fri 11th Sept
Extending Collagraphs
This course is run in response to students’ interests. I devise the activities after discussing with everyone before hand. The course is adaptable and experimental; it provides a chance for those who have already done some printmaking to develop their work.
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