vinyl record with print

Print a Vinyl Record

Why would you want to print a vinyl record? Just for fun really, and because you can! His Masters Voice, the iconic label Vinyl records are great ready made printing plates; thin and flat they’ll go through a printing press under pressure. The variety of smooth and ridged areas on … Continue reading
Two prints with chine collee

Basic chine collee

The Chine Collee technique clearly explained Often printmaking books (and courses) have a little section on chine collee tagged onto the main subject. This may have sparked your curiosity and, like lots of printmaking techniques, you will find once you start investigating it you discover a whole … Continue reading
both ends of the tiny printing press

A Really Tiny Printing Press

A printmaking friend told me that Aldi was selling a tiny printing press for under £20. I immediately investigated this interesting rumour, and discovered....... the 'so crafty' die cutting machine. Like the Xcut Xpress,the “So crafty” is sold as a die cutting and embossing machine, but … Continue reading
kitchen foil plate with prints

Kitchen foil printing plates

My previous posts about making plates with aluminium tape were very popular, and quite a few people have been experimenting with this technique as well as using it in community workshops. One of these experimenters is Kate, who thoroughly tests all my instructions to destruction, (thanks … Continue reading